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Here he is! Dustin's the mastermind, the creator, and founder of Burkett Customs. He currently serves as a Drug Recognition Expert, Rescue Diver, and K9 Officer teaming up with his best friend Gypsy. Dustin started to create knives (again) at the suggestion of his wife, Lisa. His proudest accomplishments are his daughter, his wife, and 14 years of sobriety.

(Yes, he does all this stuff sober.)


Why Burkett Family Custom Knives?

Being raised with his grandfather, Chief Petty Officer Douglas Burkett, he was always around and assisting while he made knives, gun stocks and did all sorts of things outdoors. His grandfather taught him strength and an eye for rare, hard to find materials and how to create things out of them. Dustin credits his grandfather for starting in the Law Enforcement Career and for creating what he is now.


He loves to create awesome a set of gun grips or knives out of rare items to make something that is personal to you. The materials he finds are of the highest quality and we can guarantee you won't find anyone else like him.